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Kaleidoscopic provides solutions to help businesses build brand recognition, target their audience and engage prospects to drive sales and customer loyalty.

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Michael Habenicht, CEO

Top 50 Publicity Campaigns of 2012 As a business owner it's likely you already have a website, BUT does your website represent your business well - visually, verbally and does it reach your targeted audience?

Did you know that the underlying website code and your message are vital elements in the success of your website and play critical roles in your website's performance and ability to be found on Google and other search engines?

Most web designers do not take into account how important these elements are to your website's performance, they only focus on the aesthetics. SEO company's claim they can help your site get found online. Their tactics include external landing pages to bate people to visit your website and charge hefty fees to do so, but they do not fix the root problem with your website... the website code and your message.

At Kaleidoscopic, not only do we design attractive, user friendly websites, but we also develop search engine optimized web code and help tailor your message, so your website performs for your business and reaches your targeted audience.

Simply put - you need great web code, a great message, a visually interesting and easy to use site to get found and engage your visitors. With these elements in place, you'll find your website performing well in organic search results, save money on large SEO fees and see an increase in site traffic and inquiries about your services.

Dedicated to your success - we deliver thoughtful, creative, engaging design that visually embodies the essence of your business, and develop strategic marketing solutions - to deliver your message and build awareness; empowering your business to stand out among it's competitors and strengthening it's position for success.

If you're curious what a Kaleidoscopic designed and developed website looks like and how it functions... well, you're look at one now!

Call Kaleidoscopic today for a complimentary review of your company's website source code, message, usability and our findings of how these impact your visibility online.

Recent Achievements & Awards:

Kaleidoscopic, Inc. was named one of the top 25 web design companies of 2012 by the Charlotte Business Journal.

Chartwells Magazine, a digital publication produced and designed by Kaleidoscopic, contributed to three award wins for our client Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services. With more than 375 entries representing half a dozen countries, the competition was exceptionally tough. This is outstanding news and we're so very excited for Chartwells and Kaleidoscopic. Chartwells' monthly digital newsletter, "Chartwells Magazine", was recognized as the 2012 Platinum Winner in the Employee Communications category winning the overall award within the competition class. Chartwells Magazine was also recognized as the Most Engaging communication in the Worldwide Special Achievement Award category. Additionally, Chartwells Magazine ranked 7th in the 2012 Magellan Awards Worldwide Top 50 ranking competition. Through all of our efforts we achieved something really great."

I've been a member of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce for three years. I've really enjoyed the great business connections I've been able to make and enjoy the company of all the members. The Chamber is fun, educational and I'm very pleased with my decision to join the Chamber.   - Michael Habenicht of Kaleidoscopic, Inc.


2012 Platinum Winner
Employee Communications

2012 Worldwide Special Achievement Award
In the Most Engaging Communication

Placed 7th in the Top 50 Ranking
For the 2012 Magellan Awards Worldwide Competition

2006 Bronze Winner
Excellence in Communications

IABC Charlotte:
Silver Crown Award
Business Communications


Kaleidoscopic Inc.
Founded: February 1997,
Incorporated: May 2002, Privately Held
Headquarters: Mint Hill, North Carolina, USA
Serving: Business, Corporations, Chambers of Commerce, Educational Facities, Economic Development Organizations and Municipalities across North America

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Michael Habenicht

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Phone: (704) 545-5336
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Discount Offered: 10% Discount on Graphic Design and Web Development Services to all Mint Hill Chamber Members.

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