Why Buy Local

Why Buy Local?

Support Yourself - Buy Local

When you shop at locally-owned businesses, a greater percentage of the money the local businesses make is spent within your community.This money is used to purchase goods and services provided by a business that may very well employ you. Shopping local makes sense. It strengthens the economic base, thereby ensuring stability within the community and providing more opportunities for self employment.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Buying local reduces your environmental footprint and reduces waste and pollution. How? When you buy local there's less transportation involved in the delivery of the products you have purchased, because they are manufactured, produced and/or grown locally. 

Job Creation

As mentioned above, buying local strengthens your economic base thus increasing demand for employees to help local businesses opperate. When you buy local, you provide more job opportunities.

Personalized Service

Local businesses hire people who are your neighbors. Local business owners and their employees typically provide an all-around better shopping experience and take the time to get to know their customers and their needs. You're just not an opportunity to make a sale — you're a valued customer, a neighbor and a friend.

Invest in Your Community

When you buy local, you're money is invested back into your community with the taxes charged during the sale of the products and services. These taxes are used to improve your community's roads, create parks, build new schools and fund many of the services you rely upon from your town and/or city. Put your taxes to use within your community and invest in your well being and quality of life.

Preserve Your Local Heritage

Keep your community unique, preserve your town and city's heritage and shop at locally-owned businesses. The alternative are franchises on every street corner, offering up the same old line-up of products, services, food and urban sprawl. In the process, your community's heritage will be torn down and replaced with super centers and big box stores, losing what makes your town unique and distinctive.


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