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Board Room Rental Application

Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce Boardroom and Day Rental Office Contract

Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce

7900 Matthews Mint Hill Rd, Building 2 Suite B

Mint Hill, North Carolina 28227


Policy for Community Use of the Boardroom and Day Rental Office at the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce


BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce that:

Realizing chamber members and citizens in our community may wish to use the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce Boardroom for business activities, the following policies, rules, regulations and rate schedules are hereby adopted:

In case of conflict between a meeting of the various Boards and Committees at the Chamber, forty-eight (48) hours’ notice will be given to the organization reserving the facility of the cancellation of their reservation.

All organizations and groups reserving the Room will be required to sign a contract and agree to pay the quoted charges, in full, when the contract is signed.  The charge is based upon the costs of utilities, maintenance, custodial services and/or supervisory services required. 

An application, as provided by the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce must be submitted to the Executive Director or her designee at least two (2) weeks prior to the reservation date.  Said application must be submitted in full.  At least one (1) week before the reservation date, the Executive Director or her designee shall grant or deny the use of the Room.  Approval or denial of any and all applications shall be on a uniform basis based on factors such as (1) the expected wear and tear on the Room and the Chamber of Commerce; (2) conflicts with regular scheduled or called meetings of the various Boards and Committees of the Chamber; and, (3) conflicts with previously approved applications for citizen use of the Room.

All activities must be under appropriate supervision.  The sponsoring organization must also assume full responsibility for payment of all damages to the building, grounds and/or furnishings while using it.  Only facilities specifically approved are to the used.

Only furnishings provided by the Chamber may be used, unless permission is granted by the Executive Director, to use additional items.  Any such approved items must be removed by the group or organization upon termination of the reservation date.  

Refreshments are allowed in Boardroom. Groups must clean up after themselves or risk forfeiting their deposit.

The use of open flame is prohibited.

Gambling, including but not limited to, raffle, bingo and other games of chance and the possession, display or use of alcoholic beverages are also prohibited.

Contracts may not be transferred from one group or organization to another.  Contract cancellation must be made at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled reservation date in order for a refund to be considered.

Fee Schedule

Organizations or groups reserving the Room shall pay $15.00-member fee per hour (Minimum of Two) or $100 non-member fee for use of the room for the time allotted, up to three (3) hours.  Additional time will be charged at the rate of $10.00 per hour.  Payment is to be made in full at the time a contract for use of the Room is signed.

An additional $50.00 deposit, to be held by the Chamber as a clean-up fee if the facility is not left in good order as determined by the Executive Director, or her designee, shall be required at the time of reservation of the Room.

Any damage to the facility in excess of the $50.00 deposit shall be charged to the group or organization using the facility.  Said organization or group and the members thereof shall be completely responsible for clean-up fees or damages of any other type whatsoever resulting from use of the Boardroom or Day Rental Office.

The Chamber may instigate any proceedings appropriate for the collection of any such damage.  Failure to leave the premise in good order shall also result in termination of any other reservations for said group or organization.

As a part of the contract for the use of the Room, it is stated that the Room should be left in a clean and orderly manner. 

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