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Play it Forward Continuing Education Scholarship Program

Mission: The Play it Forward Continuing Education Scholarship Program of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce is to assist and encourage existing member businesses to advance and/or maintain the necessary knowledge and professionalism of their employees for continued business growth and viability.

Purpose of Program/Course:
- Workforce/job training, education, leadership development
- Accredited education institution that provides graded courses benefitting employee and employer
- Continuing education courses that provide credit to maintain professional licenses/certifications benefiting employee and employer
- Non-credit and credit courses that are aimed at improving specific skills or employee’s potential for advancement benefitting employee and employer

General Information: Continuing Education Scholarships are competitive and are selected/awarded by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors according to established Award and Disbursement Guidelines.

Funding: The program is funded by proceeds from the Play It Forward Program and other designated funds and/or Chamber events as determined by the Board.

Award and Disbursement Guidelines:

Application: Applications for Continuing Education Scholarships are available below. Applications are accepted at any time and must be filled out in their entirety with appropriate supporting documentation. Continuing Education Scholarships are generally awarded as needed.

Disbursement: Upon confirmation of the completion of and payment for the course or training for which the scholarship has been approved, the individual who paid for the training will be reimbursed up to half of the cost of the course or up to $500 maximum toward the amount of the payment of the course or training for which the scholarship was awarded.

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be a member or employed by a member business that is in good standing with the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce for more than one successive year. Scholarships are intended for certifications or tuition only – not for travel and/or other associated expenses. The training/request for disbursement must be completed within one year from the notice of award.

Considerations for Award: Awards are competitively selected among the applicants and are intended to assist the individual and/or member business through complimentary funds for tuition and/or training reimbursement. Applications must be complete with all required information provided. Considerations for the award shall include but not be limited to fund availability, completeness of application, length of membership with the Chamber, active participation/support of the Chamber, previous awards, purpose of training, benefit to the member business, and the amount requested.

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