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About The Foundation

Our mission at the Mint Hill Chamber Foundation, established in 2023 as a 501(c)3 organization, is to actively invest in our community's future by prioritizing education, workforce development, and the enhancement of quality of life for all residents. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, we are committed to uplifting our community and empowering individuals through education, thereby cultivating a skilled workforce that not only contributes to the overall prosperity and well-being of Mint Hill but also ensures its economic competitiveness. Recognizing the importance of a strong talent pipeline, we strive to retain existing businesses and attract new ones, enriching our economic landscape and encouraging sustainable growth. Our focus extends beyond traditional educational paths, embracing diverse avenues that prepare students for the careers of tomorrow, ensuring a prosperous and inclusive future for Mint Hill.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mint Hill Chamber Foundation is to promote and collaborate with businesses to cultivate a growing and connected community.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Mint Hill Chamber Foundation is to be the influential organization to showcase members and attract new businesses to stimulate future growth and prosperity.


The central purpose of the Chamber Foundation is to be an advocate for business, to promote business alliances, to promote benefits and services to the membership; to develop the financial resources needed to meet the needs of the Foundation's mission; to do any and all things, either alone or in cooperation with organizations or institutes, which it may deem necessary or proper in order to carry into effect any or all of the purposes of the Chamber Foundation.

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